Daniel Drache

Professor Emeritus, Political science

Senior Research Fellow, Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies

York University – Toronto, Canada


York University

Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar (2012 – )

Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies: Director (1994-2003),  Associate Director (2004-2010) and  Acting Director (2011), Senior Research Fellow (2011- )

Faculty of Environmental Studies; Program in Social and Political Thought (cross-appointed 1994)

Atkinson College:  Lecturer (1971); Assistant Professor (1974), Associate Professor (1978),  Chair of Political Science (1988-91); Professor (1993).

Visiting appointments

LEST/CNRS, Aix-en-Provence, France (1979-80); CEPREMAP/CNRS, Aix & Paris  (1982-83); Canadian Academic Centre & Europa Instituto di ricerca interdisciplinare, Rome (1987); European University Institute, Florence (1991-92);  UQAM (1993-96),  U. de Montpellier &  Université de Lille 1 (1996); University of Western Sydney, Macquarie University & UNSW Australia  (1997);  Massey College, University of Toronto (2003-04);  Arizona State University, (2007-08); Argentina-Canada Visiting Professor  (2009); University of San Juan (2009);  Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute  New Delhi (2009);  Jawaharial Nehru University, New Delhi (2010); UN World Economic Survey, New York & Geneva (2010);  Wuhan University of Technology (2011, 2016);  Beihang University, Beijing (2015).

Directorships and  other academic appointments 

Directorships at York University:  Harold Innis Centenary Celebration (1992-05); Political Economy Summer Institutes (1991-92, 1999 -2003)

Adjudicating Committees (Chair or member): Canada Research Chair College of Evaluators  (2002-11); SSHRCC  (2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011); Evaluator, EU Fifth Research Program (2004-05)

Daniel Drache

My work focuses on understanding the changing character of the globalisation narrative in its economic, social and cultural dimensions in an information age.

I’ve researched and written on various topics such as: global governance and the WTO (with particular focus on TRIPS and public health, food security and nutrition, and poverty eradication); NAFTA; counter publics and the iconography of dissent; Harold Innis, and Canada’s Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women.

Currently I am leading a collaborative research project entitled The China Pivot and The New Silk Road Global Development Initiative: China’s Audacious Plans to Remake the Global Economy? to be published as a book in 2018

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