Linking Global Trade and Human Rights: New policy space in hard economic times


Daniel Drache, Lesley A. Jacobs (Editors)

During the global economic crisis of 2008, countries around the world used national policy spaces to respond to the economic crisis in ways that shed new light on the possibilities for linkages between international trade and human rights. This book introduces the idea of policy space as an innovative way to reframe recent developments in global governance. It brings together a wide-ranging group of leading experts in international law, trade, human rights, political economy, international relations, and public policy who have been asked to reflect on this important development in globalization. Their multidisciplinary contributions provide explanations for why the global landscape for national policy space has changed, clearly illustrate instances of this change, and project the future paths for policy development in social and economic policy spaces, especially with reference to linkages between international trade and human rights in countries from the Global North as well as Brazil, China, and India.

Cambridge University Press (March 20, 2014)